Bug Bashes

Bring your team together to rapidly discover bugs in your product.

People in the office
People in the office
People in the office

THE Platform for bug bashes

Find and document bugs quickly

Get more bug reports from more team members when you host your bug bash with us.

Test product quality without QA

Find bugs quickly before you ship

Get diverse feedback

Promote ownership and teamwork

the platform for BUG BASHES

Dashcam can help.

Dashcam makes finding bugs easy, engaging, and all-encompassing. Don’t let another bug bash go by without the app that can help you improve your final results! 

Improved testing coverage

Replays of testers’ screens show you how a product is actually being used and can help you spot bugs or other issues that might be hiding during more traditional testing.

Increased efficiency

Time is money. And sanity. Dashcam makes reproducing and diagnosing issues a breeze. Take your bug bash efficiency to a new level and save your deep focus for building cool things.

Seamless collaboration

Easily share replays with your team to shut down bugs and other issues. Better teamwork, better product. Bring on the collabs.

Increased participation

Make bug-bashing fun with the visual and interactive nature of replays. Bring more people into the game and find more bugs.

Ready to learn more?

Learn how Dashcam can power your next bug bash.

Ready to learn more?

Learn how Dashcam can power your next bug bash.

Ready to learn more?

Learn how Dashcam can power your next bug bash.

What’s a bug bash?

A bug bash is an event where a group of people–developers, marketers, QA teams, managers, designers, etc.–come together to test a product and identify as many bugs as possible in a short amount of time. Sometimes it’s turned into a game with rewards for those who find the most in the allotted period. It’s quick, but it’s not always painless.

Why is it helpful?

  • The product is used by different teams to find bugs across possible use cases, even unusual ones. After all, marketing is likely to find different bugs in the way they use it than managers and so forth. 

  • Internal teams can break out and learn more about the product than what’s in their work silo. They might even make some friends in other departments.

  • Squash future stress by finding and fixing major bugs before you ship.

  • It’s tough to perform load testing by yourself. Bug bashes make it possible.

  • Promote ownership and teamwork with a fun competition. Feedback from participants helps achieve the collective goal and present a better final product.