Engineers, product and support teams use
Dashcam to save time and build faster

Engineers, product and support teams use
Dashcam to save time and build faster

Our customers include employees from small startups, big startups,
and Fortune 500 companies.
See what they have to say about us why they trust our solution

We are loved by startups, marketing agencies, freelancers, Fortune 500 companies and many more.
Our customers' testimonials are the best social proof we can get!

Daniel Knott

Head of Software Testing
at MaibornWolff

Dashcam is working smoothly. Installation and usage is easy. I really like the web interface

where you can see more details about the system and error logs.

Justin Tyre

Director - SD at RenewedVision

Our team really likes Dashcam, which is especially helpful on Windows.

Simplifies the capture workflow and most

helpful when trying to explain

unexpected testing results!

Youssef Hounat

Head of Product at DataSnipper

As a product person, this SAVES ME SO MUCH TIME! I think it's a fantastic idea and you have the potential to help a lot of folks with this solution!

Fredrik Evjen Ekli

Chief Product Officer at Vev

Filing bugs becomes a massive bottleneck for our team. It's all supposed to be in Jira but people rarely are able to recreate the bug. So, I'm onboarding my whole 30 person team to Dashcam!

Toni Isidoro

QA SDET at SigmoidHealth

I'm using Dashcam for QA purposes and it is

helping a lot to not lose any bugs when testing. Keep the good work. Fantastic tool!

Alex O'Reilly

Engineering Lead at FIS

Dashcam has proven to be an invaluable asset for my development team, providing a distinctive advantage. It has significantly aided us in detecting user-related challenges that were previously unidentifiable. The

remarkable ease of setting up the software enabled us to harness its

benefits effortlessly

Mike Barwise

Game Designer at Namco Bandai

Before Dashcam, by the time you load and start recording with a screen recording app, the bug had gone. Also, most times you can't remember the repro steps that got you to the issue. I, for sure, would onboard other devs in my team onto Dashcam.