FREE Desktop App

The fastest way to report & resolve bugs.

Report bugs in seconds without disrupting your workflow.

FREE Desktop App

The fastest way to report & resolve bugs.

Report bugs in seconds without disrupting your workflow.

FREE Desktop App

The fastest way to report & resolve bugs.

Report bugs in seconds without disrupting your workflow.

✅ Local First

✅ No sign-up required

✅ Free to use

Faster than screencasts and meetings

Put an end to,
"Can not reproduce."

It's hard to describe bugs and often impossible to recreate them.
Dashcam is the fastest way to do both.

Capture bugs with one click

Attach logs, network requests, and system infomation.

Share the steps to reproduce

Send Dashcam bug reports directly to your PM software (like Jira!).

Ship higher quality software faster

Developers have everything they need to resolve bugs quickly.

Wall Of love

Loved by software teams.

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When I encounter a bug, I use the system-wide hotkey to create clips of my screen activity on the fly. As a product person, this feels like a superpower and has saved me so much time.


Youssef Hounat

Head of Product at DataSnipper

Without Dashcam, I had to remember how to manually reproduce bugs and make videos, wasting valuable time. Now I click two buttons, and I can visually clip & share the steps that caused a bug in our software with my team!


Mike Barwise

Game Designer at Bandai Namco Mobile

Dashcam works. We will roll it out to our whole team as it saves us time and makes our work more productive. The Jira integration is such a good touch!


Simon Zurek

CTO at

High Resolution Communication

The quickest way to add context.

Provide the context your team needs to fix bugs without messages and meetings.

2 Hours

The time it takes to reproduce a one time bug.

30 Minutes

The time it takes to have a meeting with screenshare.

15 Seconds

The time it takes to capture a bug with Dashcam.

Tray App

A new superpower in your taskbar.

Dashcam is always there for you when you need it, so you'll never miss a bug. Easily create new clips with just two clicks.

Video Editor

Powerful editing tools put you in control.

Preview before publishing and sharing. Hide sensitive information and highlight problems by trimming and cropping.


Share with anyone, embed anywhere.

Videos are uploaded privately by default, but you can easily share anywhere. Better yet, share GIF previews wherever markdown or HTML is supported.





Private and secure

Record locally, share anywhere.

Dashcam is designed to put you in control. Everything is stored privately on your computer to review before sharing.

Local First

Video is recorded locally on your machine.

Private Uploads

You decide who gets to see your clips.

Loop Recording

Uses a fixed amount of disk space.

Editing Tools

Preview, trim, and crop clips before publishing.


Clips are stored on S3 and encrypted at rest.

Pause Controls

Stop and start recording at anytime.

Runs on any laptop

Fast and efficient

Dashcam won't slow down your machine or kill your battery.



1 GB


150 MB


Privacy FAQ

Dashcam is designed to put you in control.

Is video recorded locally?

For your privacy, video footage is stored on your computer and deleted periodically. Nothing is uploaded without your consent.

Can I review clips before sharing?

Who are published clips shared with?

Do you collect any other tracking data?

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Streamline bug reports with our SDK and CLI

Don't rely on your team to submit great bugs. Automatically prompt them to submit replays on application crashes.